November is the month of GRATITUDE at the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy

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Each month we pick a topic to discuss at our karate studio.  The month of November we discuss Gratitude in observance of Thanksgiving and what that really means.  We call it “The Attitude of Gratitude.”

When I stopped to think about what Gratitude means to me personally, all I had to do was look around me.  Our dojo is something I am very proud of.  Yes, it is a job – a business we own.  But it is more than a mechanism for making money.  I watched the classes and the interaction of instructors with students and also with parents.  The Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy is a place everyone can come and feel comfortable and safe and be themselves.  There’s no judgment – instead you receive support, encouragement and understanding.  Our instructors, students and their families are among the nicest group of people I’ve ever met.  Once your enter the door, you are part of a family – a dojo family – my family.

Kids really do feel safe.  They learn the martial arts with no fear of embarrassment or being bullied.  They exercise and interact with respect to instructors, but more importantly, to one another.

Adults have fun.  And they are TOUGH.  Even our beginners are amazing with their dedication to fitness and good health.  And the support they give one another keep them coming back for more.

So to wrap this up, my gratitude is for the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy.  It is lots of people’s “home away from home,” a place to escape, burn off the stress, have fun and learn valuable self-defense.  I’m grateful to be part of it and very proud of the role we now play in the community.

I give thanks to all of you who have helped build BRKKA to what it is today.

To learn more about the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy and our “dojo family”, please call 561-926-1846 or check out

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