New Year, New Beginnings. Make positive goals with Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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New beginnings…. they occur intentionally, accidently and at random.  They can happen on January 1 or any day of the year.   They can be of our choosing or not, happy or tragic.  For example, a birth and a death are very different events with expected opposite emotions.  But they both represent an end to one thing and a new beginning to another.

Any time there is change and a new beginning there is discomfort of some sort… even with intentional, happy changes we sometimes feel a loss…. emotionally/physically “missing” something or someone or some place.

The brave are the ones that tackle new beginnings proactively.  And often, proactive, positive change can prevent negative or accidental change such as taking better care of ourselves physically can prevent disease and illness.  Recognizing the natural discomfort that will accompany a new beginning is key.  Once recognized and acknowledged, it can be addressed and overcome. You must live your truth and not be overwhelmed or afraid of the negative or the positive.  Both can be intimidating.  Without a foundation of truth, rationalization and excuses will come easily and new beginnings are prone to end quickly, fail, and keep us just that much further away from where we want to be in life.

Be prepared, stay strong and enlist support of those who want to support you.  Encouragement, understanding, compassion and friendship all make the path easier to travel when it gets bumpy.

Keep your eye on the prize and stay vigilant to your goals.  One step leads to another.  Just keep moving.

Come try a free week of unlimited classes with Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy.  Make 2016 a new beginning for your health, fitness and stress levels.  All ages and levels of fitness welcome.  You have to start in order to improve.  Come in today!  561-926-1846

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