Adult Programs

Adult Karate & Kickboxing

  • Learn real life, practical self defense.
  • Lose weight – Feel great – get in the best shape of your life!
  • Programs tailored to meet your needs and goals.
Our Adult Karate & Kickboxing program consists of five weekly, 45-minute group classes.   We recommend at least two to three classes per week; however, adults can attend all five if so motivated.  Group classes consist of exercises to increase strength and flexibility, kickboxing skill building drills, and real world self-defense techniques from the system of Tracy’s Kenpo Karate. These classes teach not only self-defense but also how to avoid confrontation. They also focus on important life skills development. Our karate studio offers adults an energetic, friendly atmosphere to exercise and learn techniques that will improve confidence, focus and overall safety.  Also available is a combination program of group classes coupled with a weekly 30-minute private lesson.  Private instruction is an opportunity to learn more advanced technique and polish skills under the watchful eye of a personal instructor. Additional private classes are also available.

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