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Good morning all my T.U.F.F. friends!¬† Tomorrow marks our first month anniversary for the TUFF program and I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made together.¬† I couldn’t ask for a better launch team.¬† The new people I’ve met and been honored to work with over the last 30 days are inspiring and have immediately shown me how valuable this program is and will continue¬†to be.¬† I¬†am meeting¬†people who want fitness and good health as a lifestyle – not just¬† a temporary solution.¬† I am¬†encouraging people who work hard – sometime almost too hard! – and they are creating results and goal setting for new levels of achievement.

I am working¬†side by side with¬†people who have great energy and commitment and truly care – who will reach out and be that support and¬†honestly believe in what they are doing.¬† And that’s what it’s all¬†about…. caring for¬†people and taking care of yourself as well as each other.

You all inspire me and make me want to work that much harder.  I thank you and I look forward to the future and an incredible TUFF TEAM that rocks South Florida.

Ms. Patty

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